A drawing for Hella (‐^▽^‐)
Off the Record - chapter 12 -


A drawing for Hella (‐^▽^‐)

Off the Record
- chapter 12 -

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เมื่อเธอกลับถึงห้อง ฟลอร่าก็อาบน้ำอย่างรวดเร็ว

จากปกติที่จะบรรจงทำความสะอาดดูแลเสียทุกซอกทุกมุม เธอกลับทิ้งร่างที่ไม่แม้แต่จะเช็ดให้แห้งสนิทหรือทาครีมบำรุงลงบนเตียง

เตียงที่ได้รับการดูแลอย่างดี ผ้าคลุมและหมอนอยู่ในที่ของมัน


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Fanart for chapter 3 of Hella’s fic  Off The Record

I did it from faulty memory there’s a lot of details wrong don’t even talk to me about them shhhhhh don’t say a word

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Since Katie deleted both her livejournal accounts, I think podfic lovers might want a place where they can be able to find all the links to the amazing audio versions of her fics, which I love passionately. Thank you both to my favourite author in fandom and to all the lovely podficcers for recording these wonderful stories. Enjoy! … and please let me know if something is missing: i would love to add/update this list!

EDIT: replaced broken link to janeturenne’s podfic. Jane, please let me know if you want me to remove my link or if you have fixed yours.

EDIT: added 2 podficcing projects by afrogeekgoddess! Yay! Can’t wait to listen!!!

BBC Sherlock

The Paradox Series

1. An Act of Charity  text   podfic by fayjay

2. The Paradox Suite   text   podfic by fayjay

3. The Death and Resurrection of the English Language   text   podfic by fayjay

4. Entirely Covered in Your Invisible Name    text    podfic by fayjay

5. Wider Than A Mile    text    podfic by bronwyn

6. New Days To Throw Your Chains Away    text    podfic by bronwyn

7. A Thousand Threads of What Might Have Beens    text    podfic by revolutionaryjo

8. The Dying of the Bees    text    podfic by songlin

Canon Sherlock Holmes

The Love Verse

1. Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin   text     podfic by general_jinjur

2. Hallowed Be Thy Name    text    podfic by general_jinjur

3. The Violet Elephant    text   podfic by janeturenne (broken link)     temporary download

4. Birds to a Lighthouse   text       currently being podficced by cellardoor

5. The Lucky One   text      podfic by mific

6. The Presbury Letters   text    podfic by mific

The Hope Verse

1. The Sign of Change    text    podfic by liannabob

2. Cauldron: A Love Letter    text      podfic by liannabob      podfic by aethel


That Which Gives Extras   text    podfic by luzula

Thoughts Without Words     text      podfic by luzula    podfic by elaineofshalott

The Three Favours   text       podfic by threequarters

Some Further Notes on the Roylott Matter   text     podfic by aethel

Twelfth Night    text     podfic by dodificus

Undiscovered Country    text   podfic by kian

War Crimes  text   currently being podficced by afrogeekgoddess

The Greek Lesson    text     currently being podficced by afrogeekgoddess

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I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. 

can someone write a Frostiron fic based on, Mr. & Mrs. Smith


you have no idea how much. I will give you my kidney if you so desire. that and/or my undying love. anything, you name it. Except for my french fries and my dog, because no. yes/yes? :D

if I only had the footage to pull off a fanvid for this. alkdjf ;-;

(Not a fic, Cas, but something like one!)

Just keep breathing, Tony thought as he rose to pour Loki’s wine. This is an ordinary night, an ordinary dinner. You are ordinary. Loki is ordinary.

At the end of the table, Loki fixed him with a tiny, bland smile and watched Tony take his glass to fill it. Distant as ever, not bothering to fill the silence as it deepened. It hadn’t always been like—

The cork popped out of the bottle like a bullet, scaring them both. Except Loki was the one with a knife in his hand, green eyes fierce.

He knew.

Tony did the only thing he could and smashed the bottle across the table, brandishing the jagged edge. Wine poured over his hand and pooled across the table like blood.

Loki’s lip curled.


Tony smiled. “Yeah, well. I hear you’ve been hiding a secret or two yourself, Odins—sorry, no. It’s Laufeyson, isn’t it?”

Loki’s twist of a smile held up, but his eyes flickered dangerously. “Funny. I thought it was Stark.” 

Neither of them moved, plans and plays and tricks running through their minds on overtime. The entire time, the entire time they’d each been on the opposite team. Living in one house, sleeping in one bed—

The windows shattered as two smoke bombs bounced into the dining room. Floodlights momentarily blinded them both; heavy-handed tactics that only meant one thing. 

“Fucking SHIELD,” Tony groaned. How the hell was he going to explain this?  

Ever the opportunist, Loki just kicked Tony square in the nuts and bolted for the back door. 

Son of a bitch.

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One more Loki, again this is inspired by “Off the Record” by Hella, (chapter 11 I think).


One more Loki, again this is inspired by “Off the Record” by Hella, (chapter 11 I think).

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An Act of Charity: What on earth produced a character like that?




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“That’s good. Because I mean to let you. A lot.”


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“Tony thought about that for precisely two seconds before the words ‘locator spell’ and the memory of ice-cold magic seeping into his heart had him patting at his chest in a sudden panic. Oh God, it had been inside him all along, crouching there like a malicious demon, a glittering little GPS from hell—” x

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